CNAO 2021 TV Commercial

The CNAO is the National Obesity Associations Collective.

I was ask to direct
a spot in which key objectives were on one hand, to raise awareness among the general public about the different diseases related to obesity.

 On the other hand, to invite the people suffering from obesity or overweight
 to seek for medical advice. 

I was delighted to work for a good cause from the writing to the final execution.

My strategy was to split the message into 3 parts.
The first part is warning the audience about the risks in a general tone of emergency.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
The second part is bringing back calm and serenity. 
And the last part brings the audience some easy solutions.
Each part is given one different dominant color to match the tone
and the color of CNAO branding. 

Client: CNAO France
Producer: Vincent Pellerin
Agency: 87seconds

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